The Mosaic Magic News

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL . . . . Here’s hoping that 2016 will be full of surprises and wonder . I can’t believe we are half way through January already ! !

Ok to the news : I have had a shipment of tiles in from Asia so all stocked up and ready . On the smalti news – I have not been able to order two of the transparents from Italy : TR 32 & TR 100. I keep trying but no luck since September.

Telephone service is still very ‘iffy’ up here although there are Federal plans to put in more towers . . . but when ??? So if you call please leave a message so I know you are a customer and I can get back to you as soon as I can : 0412 263 087.

I am going away for a few days to visit my cousin up in Brisbane, so please be patient as I will process the orders asap when I return at the end of the week.

Well, that’s about it . . . . keep putting the pieces together and have fun

Cheers for now, Rhonda